uPVC Window Installation in East Grinstead
Maintenance Tips For uPVC Double Glazing Windows in and Around East Grinstead

uPVC window installations and door installations are excellent additions to all properties. With maintenance, your uPVC double glazing installation can stay in great working condition for a long time. At East Grinstead Glass Ltd, we are a door and window company that’s happy to advise customers on the best ways to keep all elements of their installations pristine. We are also willing to discuss every aspect of the glass cutting, conservatory roof replacements, steel doors, aluminium bifold doors, composite doors and windows we fit across East Grinstead and the other areas we cover

Here, our team have listed a few top maintenance tips for uPVC installations:


Window Frames

Washing your new window frames with warm, soapy water every few months will help to keep your frames looking as good as the day they were installed. This will remove any built up grime and dust. For more stubborn stains, a strong, non-abrasive cleaner will work.

Woodgrain Frames

To keep these beautiful wood effect finished frames in top condition, you should never sand or polish them to ensure the laminated surface isn’t damaged. Warm, soapy water is the only option that will properly clean your woodgrain frames and keep them looking great for a long time. Abrasive cleaners will also damage the surface and can change the gloss finish. There are many cleaning products available on the market and it is key to choose products that won’t cause rust stains because they cannot be removed.


Double glazing units can be scratched if you are not careful so, it is best to remove any jewellery or watches before cleaning your uPVC window installations and door installations. As with the frames, warm soapy water can also be used to remove any external grime. Our double and triple glazing can be cleaned with all glass cleaners and a soft cloth. For those who have aluminium bifold doors, composite doors, or steel doors in their East Grinstead property, we can recommend specific maintenance tips for each installation. If you need new glass for your windows or doors, East Grinstead Glass Ltd is a door and window company that offers a bespoke glass cutting service. We also use our expertise to offer quality conservatory roof replacements.

Weather Seals

It is important to check your weather seals during cleaning so you can establish if they have become dislodged from their grooves. If they have become dislodged, you should slide them back into place to avoid damage when your window or door is closed. If you discover they are broken or damaged, you should call our team so we can fix the issue and make sure your property is properly protected.


Periodic maintenance checks will be required over the lifetime of your uPVC window installations and door installations. Occasional lubrication will often be required to ensure all components are functioning optimally. At East Grinstead Glass Ltd, we are a professional door and window company that gladly answers any questions you have about your uPVC installations as well as any questions about glass cutting, conservatory roof replacements, composite doors, aluminium bifold doors, steel doors and double glazing.

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