Aluminium Bifold Doors and Composite Doors in Reigate
Deciding Between Steel, Wooden and Composite Doors For Your Reigate Home

The front door is the first thing you will see before entering your Reigate home. It also protects your property against all weather conditions and intruders. At East Grinstead Glass Ltd, we’re a door and window company that supplies high performance steel doors. Choosing your new door can be a difficult process if you are unsure where to begin. Our experts can advise you on all aspects of the steel doors we fit. We can also advise on aluminium bifold doors, bespoke glass cutting, composite doors, conservatory roof replacements, double glazing units, uPVC window installations and uPVC door installations we provide in Reigate and the other areas we cover.

We recommend you read the testimonials from previous customers to further help you decide which installation may be best for you.


Steel Doors Vs Wooden and Composite Doors

Below, we will compare the following aspects:

  • Aesthetic Appeal

  • Durability

  • Maintenance

  • Efficiency

  • Security

  • Cost

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the main reasons why customers choose wood and composite doors is their aesthetic appeal. Wood offers a natural look, and composite materials are available in a range of colours. Even so, the high quality steel doors we provide are available in a variety of styles. Steel provides a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that will help update all types of properties.


Wood can succumb to cracking and warping when constantly exposed to the elements. With composite doors, they stay in good condition but can begin to creak over time. Steel doors hold up well to all conditions for decades. 

We also provide durable aluminium bifold doors with high quality double glazing that are available in aluminium for those who want sleek doors to open up the rear of their Reigate property. As a dependable door and window company, East Grinstead Glass Ltd also provides bespoke glass cutting, conservatory roof replacements and uPVC window installations and door installations to cover all of our customers’ needs.


To prevent weathering, wooden doors require regular refinishing and composite installations should be cleaned every few months. With steel, you only need to take action in the rare event that it sustains damage and clean it when you feel like it.


Whilst a composite door can maintain a good level of energy efficiency, steel offers much greater energy efficiency than wood. A steel door will have a much higher insulating value than wood, keeping your home comfortable and costs down.


Our quality composite doors come with secure locking systems; however, wooden doors can be a less secure installation. Steel doors perform better than basically every other available door. They prevent burglars from breaking in and can withstand all conditions.


Wooden and composite doors are typically more costly installations than steel doors. In addition to being extremely secure, durable and attractive, steel is a great choice for all types of budgets. As an expert door and window company, East Grinstead Glass Ltd is happy to discuss your unique requirements with you to provide the best installation for your Reigate home. We can also advise on the aluminium bifold doors, bespoke glass cutting, conservatory roof replacements, double glazing units, uPVC window installations and door installations we have available.

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