Choosing Between uPVC, Timber and Aluminium Bifold Doors in Tunbridge Wells
Bifolds With Quality Double Glazing

There are many installation options for your home, including:

  • Composite Doors

  • Conservatory Roof Replacements

  • Steel Doors

  • uPVC window installations

  • uPVC Door Installations

  • Bespoke Glass Cutting

As a door and window company, East Grinstead Glass Ltd recommends uPVC, timber or aluminium bifold doors with our high quality double glazing for those looking to maximise natural light in their home. With numerous configuration options, 2 to 8 panels and a range of finishes, it can be hard to choose which one is best for your home in Tunbridge Wells or the other areas we cover. We have a gallery of the quality installations we have completed so you can see how each of them look.

Here, we have compiled a list to help you choose between aluminium, uPVC and timber bifold doors.



Aluminium is a lightweight material that is completely recyclable and high quality. It is also extremely strong and durable. Like our bespoke glass cutting, our aluminium bifold doors can be customised to your personal taste with a range of colour and style finishes available. Aluminium’s inherent strength means that when used to create bifold frames, they can be narrow and slimline to maximise the area of glass. This means the flow of natural daylight can be enhanced, creating a bright and cosy space.

These doors are low maintenance, visually stunning and are suitable for complex architectural projects. 


uPVC window installations and door installations are popular because they are low cost and low maintenance. This is also why they are a popular choice for bifold doors in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas. You can choose the traditional white colour for your new doors, but we also offer an attractive woodgrain finish to create the look of natural wood.

Whether you have other composite doors or steel doors on your property, you can still use uPVC for your bifolds that will open up to your patio area.

uPVC frames combined with the high quality double glazing or conservatory roof replacements we stock as a professional window company will ensure a high performance installation that is thermally efficient. These installations are also strong and cost-effective, making them a great choice for all budgets.


Timber bifolds are a classic choice due to their visually stunning aesthetic. Like our conservatory roof replacements, timber will beautifully blend together the indoors with the outside to create a natural look. Whether you have your doors open or closed, the wood will create a cohesive flow throughout the room and your patio area.

With these installations, you have the option to stain the wood and there are a range of treatments available. Timber is also an excellent natural insulator and is very strong. We have a range of options available to suit all budgetary requirements.

These bifold doors provide a more natural feel than composite doors and steel doors. With the addition of bespoke glass cutting and double glazing, they also enhance daylight throughout homes in and around Tunbridge Wells.

If you are still choosing between uPVC window installations and door installations, timber or aluminium bifold doors, East Grinstead Glass Ltd is a door and window company that can help with that.

For high quality uPVC, timber or aluminium bifold doors and double glazing in Tunbridge Wells and all of the surrounding areas, please call East Grinstead Glass Ltd on 01342 313838 today.
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